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Sublime Dining Philosophy

We at Sublime Dining are aware that our client needs differ when it comes to that special meal or fully catered holiday. Ten hedonistic bachelors require differing food and service from that of mixed groups, couples, or a family unit; yet all deserve the same attention to detail and high standards that we deliver. We pride ourselves on offering a unique, bespoke service of the highest quality to reflect on our love for great food and unparalleled service.

We place great importance on detail, from the flowers and table décor to the personally tasted and selected coffee to round off the evening. We have an expert Sommelier to match wines with our incredible cuisine created by sourcing the finest ingredients from visiting farms, fish markets and even fromageries to ensure the produce is well reared, grown and treated all the way to the table. Where possible we use local, seasonal foods, organically produced in harmony with nature. We understand that freshness and quality of ingredients coupled with skilful preparation by expert, passionate chefs makes the difference between a good meal and an excellent, memorable one.

For myself, the Owner and Head Chef of Sublime Dining this is not just a job but also a lifestyle. I am on an endless journey to learn, innovate and refine food to create dishes that I believe demonstrate the commitment and love that I have for food and can share this with you through this organisation. I regularly visit vineyards to taste wines and locate farms around the differing regions of France on the hunt for that special new dish or ingredient to make Sublime Dining and our food that little better. This website also includes restaurant reviews for eateries I have encountered on those travels. These are restaurants I feel offer excellent value for money as from my personal experience I know how difficult it can be to find a good restaurant in a foreign country for an acceptable price.

At Sublime Dining we really are cooking because we love it. Nothing in life is more rewarding to our chefs than creating a dish that our clients will remember. Everybody has enjoyed a meal that they will never forget; put simply, at Sublime Dining, our aim is to create food that is just that, unforgettable, and it has to be a Sublime experience…

Simon Sutcliffe

Chef Patron

Sublime Dining & High Class Cookers